Fall 2021

F21: Week 12: One Child Nation

By | Fall 2021, Podcast

In this episode, From the Booth producer Devin Glenn speaks with Founder and Owner of, Bryan Stuy, about Wang Nanfu and Zhang Jialing’s One Child Nation and his role within the documentary. They discuss the issue of gender inequality within China, explore its codified manifestations, and delve into how these, in turn, impact the process of adoption from China and greatly complicate searching for birth families in China.

F21: Week 11 Undine

By | Fall 2021, Podcast

This podcast focuses on Undine (Christian Petzold, 2020). Professor Rob McFarland talks about the way layers of historical memory are embedded within our built environments. He related the folktale at the origin of the story in this film, so if you are not familiar with the film you may want to have the full surprise and watch Undine before you listen to the podcast.

F21: Week 7 “Indigenous Voices of the Americas.”

By | Fall 2021, Podcast

IC co-director Doug Weatherford talks about the series “Indigenous Voices of the Americas,” the increased number of Indigenous films about Indigenous people and by Indigenous filmmakers, the many languages represented in these films and their place within the filmic and cultural traditions of their respective countries.

F21: Week 6 The Gift and Burden of Years

By | Fall 2021, Podcast

The films at IC this week fit the theme of the Gift and Burden of Years. In our podcast, Professor Corinna Tanner, from the BYU College of Nursing, adresses issues related to aging and caregiving. Professor Tanner’s expertise will give you some additional context to think about the films for this week.

F21 Week 4: War and Reconciliation

By | Fall 2021, Films & Discussions, Podcast

This week Co-director Doug Weatherford and Cory Leonard, the Associate Director of the BYU Kennedy Center and an expert in the fields of diplomacy and international affairs. discuss the themes in one of this weeks films Quo Vadis, Aida?