Fall 2020

Doug Weatherford – Populating the Margins: Hope and Healing in The Milk of Sorrow

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Dr. Doug Weatherford, current co-director of the International Cinema and professor of Spanish language literature and film, gives a deep dive into the visual themes of The Milk of Sorrow (2009). Dr. Weatherford offers up not only a historical context for this Peruvian film but explanations for how the film’s setting and visual language build on that context to present a narrative he ultimately finds hopeful.

Daryl Lee: Caught Up In Crime

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Dr. Daryl Lee, Chair of the Department of French and Italian and crime film connoisseur, speaks about why we love watching crime films and what they can teach us. Dr. Lee emphasizes that a crime film, while explicitly about breaking the law, is often implicitly about something very different such as artistic expression, capitalism, or voyeurism, and he encourages us to look for these underlying messages in this week’s films.

Michalyn Steele: Criminal Justice, Redemption, and 16 Bars

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Professor of Law at J. Reuben Clark Law School, Michalyn Steele speaks about different theories driving the criminal justice system. Should we focus on punishment or rehabilitation? And how does state and federal funding fit? These are the kinds of questions that the film 16 Bars (2018) is directly interrogating by following a program where inmates participate in musical rehabilitation while serving time. Steele sees this film as extremely helpful for reorienting our view to see criminals as humans.

Week 4: Remembering World War II Series

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This week, IC Directors talk about our Remembering World War II Series! The films discussed include the 1959 classic Hiroshima Mon Amour and 2018 documentary The Accountant of Auchwitz.  Learn how to stream here.

Semester: Fall 2020

Show Notes:

1:14 Hiroshima Mon Amour
19:27 The Accountant of Auschwitz

How to Watch Hiroshima Mon Amour

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During this semester of streaming, there will be a few films that will not be directly accessible through Hummedia. Instead, what we will do is email a link to those signed up with the IC Hummedia that will allow users to watch the film through a different service that week (Kanopy, Criterion, etc.).

Hiroshima Mon Amour will be available this week to stream through Criterion and will expire on Sunday, Sept. 27.


If you do not recieve the link or have any issues with screening the film, please email us or send us a message on social media!


Thank you for your continued support,

BYU International Cinema

Scott Sanders: Insights into Human Trafficking in the Thai Fishing Industry

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Watch Here

Dr. Scott Sanders speaks about human trafficking in the Thai fishing industry, the very setting of Buoyancy (2019). The film is based on the true story of a fourteen year old Cambodian boy who is brought to work as a slave on a Thai fishing vessel. Sanders breaks down how and why people both traffic and are trafficked as well as what we can do to help stop these practices.