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December 1-4
Wednesday 12/1

5:00 PM Lecture: Rob McFarland
5:35 PM Nomadland
7:45 PM Central Station

Thursday 12/2

5:30 PM Wild Strawberries
6:35 PM Post Screening Discussion w/ Chip Oscarson
7:30 PM Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning

Friday 12/3

2:30 PM Nomadland
4:35 PM Wild Strawberries
6:30 PM Central Station
8:45 PM Nomadland

Saturday 12/4

10:30 AM Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning
12:45 PM Central Station
3:00 PM Wild Strawberries
4:50 PM Central Station
7:15 PM Nomadland
9:25 PM Wild Strawberries

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Thur. Dec. 2nd
- 7:30 PM
Sat. Dec. 4th
- 10:30 AM

Dyanna Taylor, English, 2014, 112 min.

Screening Schedule:

Photographer Dorothea Lange documented four tumultuous decades of American history and is best known for her “Migrant Mother” portrait that has endured as the defining image of The Great Depression. This documentary that often shows Lange on the road in the American countryside is directed by Lange’s granddaughter. (Documentary)

Wednesday Dec. 1 - Saturday Dec. 4
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Wed Dec. 1
- 7:45 PM
Fri Dec. 3
- 6:30 PM
Sat Dec. 4
- 12:45 PM
- 4:50 PM

Walter Salles, Portuguese, 1998, 110 min.

Screening Schedule:

Dora seeks redemption by helping recently orphaned Josué search for his remaining family in this award-winning road movie through the Brazilian countryside. Fernanda Montenegro earned international praise for her role as Dora, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Wednesday Dec. 1 - Saturday Dec. 4
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Thur Dec. 2
- 5:00 PM
- 6:35 PM Post Screening Discussion w/ Chip Oscarson
Fri Dec. 3
- 4:35 PM
Sat Dec. 4
- 3:00 PM
- 9:25 PM

Ingmar Bergman, Swedish, 1957, 91 min.

Screening Schedule:

After living a life marked by loneliness, a cold professor is forced to confront his vacant life in one of Bergman’s most important films about the meaning of life and self-perception.

Wednesday Dec. 1 - Saturday Dec. 4
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Wed Dec. 1
- 5:00 PM Lecture: Rob McFarland
- 5:35 PM
Fri Dec. 3
- 2:30 PM
- 8:45 PM
Sat Dec. 4
- 7:15 PM

Chloé Zhao, English, 2020, 107 min.

Screening Schedule:

After the death of her husband and the loss of economic security during the Great Recession, Fern ends up living out of a van while roaming the American West often working seasonal jobs. This tale of a modern-day nomad stars Frances McDormand and won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Wednesday Dec. 1 - Saturday Dec. 4
ICS Minor
International Cinema Studies Minor

The minor in International Cinema Studies is for students who love visual media and want to develop skills in critical analysis, writing, and interpretation along with knowledge about cinema theory, history, and diverse cultures.

The ICS minor is a great addition to a major in the Humanities for a media-oriented student as it allows for a deeper focus on cinema, media studies, and international contexts than most majors are able to support. It is also a great addition for majors from outside the college of Humanities who need their cinema fix and something to help them round out their education with course work that will make them better communicators, writers, and thinkers.

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