Wed Sept 18

5:00pm Lecture: Kif Augustine-Adams
5:30pm Icebox*
7:30pm M

Thur Sept 19

5:00pm Icebox*
6:45pm Post-screening discussion: Carolina Nunez
7:30pm Bauhaus Spirit

Fri Sept 20

3:00pm Columbus*
5:00pm M
7:00pm Icebox*
8:55pm Columbus*

Sat Sept 21

10:00am M
12:00pm Columbus*
2:10pm Bauhaus Spirit
4:00pm Post-screening Discussion: Dave Morgan and Richard Fry
4:45pm Icebox*
6:50pm Columbus*
8:55pm M

*Contains Customized Content

International Cinema at BYU

BYU International Cinema, sponsored by the BYU College of Humanities, is one of the longest-running university foreign film programs of its kind in the United States. There is no special admission charge or fee for International Cinema films. We do ask you to be quiet and courteous, to turn off cell phones, and to research films before you bring children.

September 13, 2019

Post-Screening discussion of Apollo 11 with physicist Dr. Mike Joner

After the 2.30pm screening of Apollo 11 on Saturday 14 September, Professor Mike Joner (Physics) will lead a post-screening discussion about the Apollo 11 mission and some of the science…
September 12, 2019

Re-thinking Rom-Coms?

“Is the Rom-Com dead?” Some hands warily raised while others remained still. Dr. Marc Yamada from the Department of Comparative Arts and Letters is currently serving as one of the…
September 13, 2019

Post-Screening discussion of Double Indemnity with Dr. Carl Sederholm

On Friday 13 September at 5pm, Prof. Carl Sederholm (Comparative Arts & Letters) will lead a post-screening discussion of Billy Wider's classic noir: Double Indemnity. Screening starts at 3pm with the discussion…
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International Cinema

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