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9. Good Bye, Lenin

German / 2003 / 121 min. / Wolfgang Becker

Alex’s mother, a good East German communist, falls into a coma and misses the revolution! Waking up in 1990 with fragile health, Alex must now do everything in his power to make sure she doesn’t see how things have changed.


38. Dekalog

Polish / 1989 / 55 min. / Krzysztof Kieślowski

These ten short films focus on the residents of a housing complex in late-Communist Poland whose lives become increasingly entwined. This exploration of Judeo-Christian ethics won’t let you ever think of the ten commandments in the same way again.


10. The Eagle Huntress

Kazakh / 2016 / 101 min. / Otto Bell

Aishol-pan, a 13-year old girl, trains to become a master eagle hunter, the first in her Kazakh nomadic tribe family whose eagle hunting traditions have only been passed down from father to son.