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Wishing you well in 2018! Did you know IC started 50 years ago? Please stay tuned for future events celebrating this milestone.

Russian / 1979 / 163 min. / Andrei Tarkovsky

In this science fiction art film classic, a guide leads a writer and a scientist on a metaphysical journey through a post-apocalyptic wasteland in search of a mythical room where they will supposedly find all of their earthly desires fulfilled. New digital restoration.


Swedish / 1957 / 96 min. / Ingmar Bergman

Perhaps Bergman’s best known film, The Seventh Seal is an existential allegory about a disillusioned knight returning from the crusades to find his country in the grips of the Black Death. He challenges Death to a chess match for his life and works to commit a single redemptive act. 


Hindi, English / 2017 / 133 min. / Saket Chaudhary

This popular Bollywood comedy explores questions of poverty and class as it follows a young couple through their struggles to get their daughter into a good English-speaking school so that she can have the best opportunities that come with English speaking society.