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18. Terje Vigen

Silent, Norwegian / 1917 / 65 min. / Victor Sjöström

Released 100 year ago, this adaptation of a Henrik Ibsen poem tells the story of a sailor, who after losing everything is given the chance to choose between revenge and redemption.


19. Their Finest

English / 2016 / 117 min. / Lone Scherfig

While the Blitz rages around her during WWII London, a working woman is brought on as a screenwriter for propaganda films and joins the crew for a film on the recent evacuation of Dunkirk.


17. Distinguished Citizen

Spanish / 2016 / 118 min. / Mariano Cohn & Gastón Duprat

Nobel Prize winning author, Daniel Mantovani, accepts an invitation to visit the hometown of his youth in Argentina. Things get awkward because his novels are all inspired by the people of the town.


38. Dekalog

Polish / 1989 / 57 min. / Krzysztof Kieślowski

These ten short films focus on the residents of a housing complex in late-Communist Poland whose lives become increasingly entwined. This exploration of Judeo-Christian ethics won’t let you ever think of the ten commandments in the same way again.