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Tuesday Lecture: “Between Documentary and Fiction: The Films of Kore-eda Hirokazuon”

Professor Marc Yamada (CAL) will introduce “Like Father Like Son.” Tuesday February 16 (250SWKT 5:00PM-5:30PM).





15. Chanthaly

Lao / 2013 / 98 min. / Mattie Do

A sickly young woman experiences visions of her dead mother. She struggles to determine if the apparition is simply a side effect of her daily medication, or her mother actually reaching out to her from beyond the grave.

Part of the Women in Film Series.


16. Charlie's Country

Yolngu, English / 2013 / 108 min. / Rolf de Heer

Charlie, an Aboriginal man of Australia, struggles to navigate the society he finds himself in, especially when he tries to reconnect with the traditional ways of his people.

Part of the Indigenous Voices Series.



Danish / 2010 / 120 min. / Adam Price

Borgen tells the story of charismatic politician Birgitte Nyborg who unexpectedly becomes the first female Prime Minister of Denmark. “Borgen” (“the Castle”) is the nickname of Christiansborg Palace, which houses all three of Denmark’s branches of government: the Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Supreme Court.


14. The Naked City

English / 1948 / 96 min. / Jules Dassin

After a former model is drowned, Detective Halloran and Lieutenant Muldoon attempt to piece together her murder. As Muldoon and Halloran start to fill in the details of the victim’s past, they find that she had a lively social life, filled with many suitors, and the mystery becomes even more complex.