Wed Feb 26
5:00pm Lecture: Chip Oscarson
5:30pm Arctic
7:30pm Ága

Thur Feb 27
5:00pm Genesis 2.0*
7:25pm The Gold Rush

Fri Feb 28
3:00pm The Gold Rush
4:55pm Ága
7:00pm Arctic
9:05pm The Gold Rush

Sat Feb 29
11:00am Ága
12:55pm Arctic
3:00pm Genesis 2.0*
5:20pm The Gold Rush
7:15pm Ága
9:20pm Arctic

*Indicates custom content

International Cinema at BYU

BYU International Cinema, sponsored by the BYU College of Humanities, is one of the longest-running university foreign film programs of its kind in the United States. There is no special admission charge or fee for International Cinema films. We do ask you to be quiet and courteous, to turn off cell phones, and to research films before you bring children.

February 26, 2020

Hidden Families and Class Conflict in Bong’s Parasite

On Wednesday March 4 at 5pm in 250 KMBL our very own Prof. Marc Yamada (IC co-director/Interdisciplinary Humanities) will lecture on Bong Joon-ho's award-winning Parasite. The title of the lecture…
February 20, 2020

Could it Happen Again? Geological Perspectives on Imprisonment at Utah’s Topaz Internment Camp

“Could it happen again?” is the haunting question one must confront when studying the detainment and imprisonment of US citizens of Japanese ancestry in the United States during World War…
February 23, 2020

3.11 Winter 2020 Week 8 preview: Ága, Arctic, The Gold Rush, and Genesis 2.0

The directors of International Cinema, Marie-Laure Oscarson, Marc Yamada, and Chip Oscarson preview the films coming up during week 8 Winter 2020 at International Cinema. The films include: Ága (1:08),…
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International Cinema

Read the 2018 Winter issue of the "Humanities" magazine,
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