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13. Prince of the Himalayas

Tibetan / 2006 / 108 min. / Sherwood Wu

An adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, this film is set in ancient Tibet. The young prince Lhamoklodan learns of his father’s mysterious death and returns to the Kingdom Jiaobo. Troubled by his mother’s sudden remarriage to his uncle Kulo-ngam, he swears to find the truth of his father’s death.



14. Human

Multiple / 2015 / 188 min. / Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Human is a collection of stories and images of our world, offering an immersion to the core of what it means to be human. Through these stories full of love and happiness, as well as hatred and violence, Human brings us face to face with the Other, making us reflect on our lives.



12. Hamlet

English / 1990 / 134 min. / Franco Zeffirelli

In Denmark, Prince Hamlet finds himself involved in a conspiracy of power to the royal palace. Cruel uncle Claudius kills his brother and takes the power of the kingdom. After an encounter with the restless ghost of his murdered father, Hamlet feigns madness and struggles with his responsibility to take action.



Silent / 1915 / 39 min. / Louis Feuillade

“The Red Codebook”

While faking illness to get off work, Philipe tries to decode a red booklet that he lifted from the Grand Inquisitor’s body, which contains the crimes of the Vampires. He discovers that his house is under surveillance by the Vampires, so he leaves in disguise. Following clues in the booklet he arrives at “The Howling Cat” night club. Performing there is Irma Vep, whose name Philipe sees is an anagram for vampire. After her act, the Grand Vampire assigns Irma to retrieve the red booklet. As Philipe returns home Mazamette arrives, along with a poison pen he stole from the Grand Vampire. A few days later, Irma arrives at their house disguised as a new maid, but Philipe recognizes her. She tries to poison him, but fails. His mother leaves to meet her brother after receiving word that he has been in a car accident, but it turns out to be a trap and she is captured by the Vampires. While Philipe is asleep, Irma lets another Vampire into his home but he shoots them. They escape, however, because his gun was loaded with blanks. In a shack in the slums, Philipe’s mother is held by Father Silence, a deaf mute, and is forced to sign a ransom note, but she kills him with Mazamette’s poison pen and escapes.



39. Les Vampires

Silent / 1915 / 30 min. / Louis Feuillade

The Grand Vampire, under the alias of a real estate broker “Treps”, meets Juan-José Moréno, a businessman, who asks for an apartment with a safe. The Grand Vampire puts Moréno into an apartment whose safe is rigged to be opened from the rear through the party wall of an apartment belonging to Irma Vep and the Grand Vampire. However, the case Moréno places inside contains the Vampires’ black attire. Later, in disguise as bank secretary “Juliette Bertaux”, Irma learns that a man called Mr. Metadier has to bring ₣300,000 to another branch. In the event that he is unable to make the delivery, Irma will. Soon afterward, Mr. Metadier is murdered by the Vampires and his body thrown from a train. When Irma is about to take the money for him a spectre of Mr. Metadier appears and takes it instead. The Grand Vampire pursues the spectre, who escapes down a manhole. Later that day, Mme. Metadier appears at the bank, saying she hasn’t seen her husband in days. They also find out that the money hasn’t been delivered. Philipe learns of this and goes to the bank in disguise. Recognizing the secretary as Irma, he finds her address and a few hours later sneaks in, using Mazamette as a ploy. Irma and the Grand Vampire open the safe from their side, only to find Metadier’s body and the money. Philipe tries to capture them but is knocked down and they escape. Philipe calls the police just as Moréno enters and finds his safe opened from the other side. He walks through and is caught by Philipe. Moréno is revealed to be another criminal in disguise, and claims not to have killed Metadier, but to have found his body by the train tracks where the Vampires had dumped it. Moréno found Metadier’s letter of authority on his corpse, took Metadier’s body home, disguised himself as Metadier, put the body in his safe, assumed Metadier’s identity, took the money, and put it too in his safe. The upshot is that the money is now in the Vampires’ possession. The police arrive and arrest Moréno.