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Multiple Lectures on Silence.

1. Tuesday March 21, 5:00PM, “The Long, Long Road To ‘Silence’: The Journeys Of Endo, Rodrigues, And Scorsese” Van Gessel (ANEL)

2. Wednesday March 22, 8:30PM, “Silence: From Novel to Film” Marc Yamada (CAL)

3. Friday March 24, 7:30 PM,”Suffering in Silence” Scott Miller College of Humanities Dean (ANEL) 

4. Saturday March 25, 10:30PM, Q&A with Matt Ancell (CAL)

32. They Will Have to Kill Us First

French, Songhay, English, Bambara, Tamashek / 2015 / 105 min. / Johanna Schwartz

With a specially commissioned soundtrack from some of Mali’s most exciting artists, this documentary tells the story of Mali’s first public concert in Timbuktu since the ban of music since 2012 by extremist jihadists.


30. The Pearl Button vert

Spanish / 2015 / 82 min. / Patricio Guzmán

Focusing on Patagonian waterways, this lyrical meditation on water and its effect on humankind also examines its link to genocide, evoking the recent horrors of the Pinochet regime.



German / 2015 / 46 min. /

In this coming of age spy thriller with a killer 80s soundtrack, Martin Rauch, 24-year-old native of East Germany is sent undercover as Moritz Stam into the West German Army to glean information on NATO military strategy.

Ep. 5 “Cold Fire”


31. Silence

English, Japanese / 2016 / 161 min. / Martin Scorsese

Silence tells the story of two Christian missionaries who face the ultimate test of faith when they travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor at a time when Christianity was outlawed and their presence forbidden.