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We are only screening one episode twice each week of the TV series Deutschland 83.

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The TV series “Deutschland 83″ will begin on Wednesday, February 22.


No dialogue / 1992 / 96 min. / Ron Fricke

From natural landscapes to rapid urban life, from religious chants to concentration camps and mass graves, Baraka presents breathtaking footage of people and places from all around the world, ultimately showing the interconnectedness of tragedy and wonder on Earth.


22. Emperor & The Assassin

Mandarin / 1998 / 163 min. / Chen Kaige

In pre-unified China, Ying Zheng, the heir to the throne who plots to conquer the six other kingdoms, sends his concubine as a spy to a rival kingdom in order to enlist an assassin for a political plot.  However, her loyalty falters with his growing cruelty.


23. A Man Called Ove

Swedish / 2015 / 116 min. / Hannes Holm

Bad-tempered, isolated retiree Ove has basically given up on life except to enforce block association rules and visit his wife’s grave when a boisterous young family moves in next door and an unexpected relationship blooms.


41. Deutschland 83

German / 2015 / 45 min. /

In this coming of age spy thriller with a killer 80s soundtrack, Martin Rauch, 24-year-old native of East Germany is sent undercover as Moritz Stam into the West German Army to glean information on NATO military strategy.  

Ep. 2 “Brave Guy”