Tokyo Godfathers

Week 15 in Review, Part 3: Tokyo Godfathers

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This week special guests join me to talk about the last week of films at International Cinema from 8-11 April (in 3 parts) including:

Part 3

  • Podcast co-hosts Marc Yamada and Marie-Laure Oscarson discuss with me Tokyo Godfathers a Japanese animated film from 2003, by Satoshi Kon;
  • and lastly, we wrap up with some concluding thoughts about the semester (12:58). Thanks for making Winter 2020 (COVID-19 aside) a memorable semester!

Week 15 Preview: Too Late to Die Young, Funan, Tokyo Godfathers, and Honeyland

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This week we preview the last week of films for the Winter 2020 schedule including:

  • Funan (2:02) an animated film in French from 2018 by Denis Do set in 1975 Cambodia;
  • Tokyo Godfathers (4:04) a Japanese animé from 2003, by Satoshi Kon;
  • Too Late to Die Young (8:54) from 2018, the third feature from Chilean filmmaker Dominga Sotomayor Castillo;
  • And lastly the academy award nominated documentary from 2019, Honeyland (12:33) in Macedonian and Turkish by directors Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov about the close connection between nature and humanity, the last in our semester-long series: Anthropocene Cinema.