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Week 11 in Review, Part 2: Sullivan’s Travels and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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This week IC directors Marie-Laure and Chip Oscarson discuss the films from the virus-shorted week 11 at IC (10-14 March) including:

In Part 1,

  • Woman at War (01:00) directed by Benedikt Erlingsson, a 2018 Icelandic film about Halla, a 50-year-old woman leading a double life as a passionate, environmental guerrilla activist;
  • And the documentary from Cameroonian filmmaker Rosine Mbakam from 2018: The Two Faces of a Bamiléké Woman (12:57)

Then in Part 2, Prof. Kerry Soper (Interdisciplinary Humanities) joins Chip Oscarson to discuss at pair of related comedies:

Week 9 Preview: Ága, Arctic, The Gold Rush, and Genesis 2.0

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The directors of International Cinema, Marie-Laure Oscarson, Marc Yamada, and Chip Oscarson preview the films coming up during week 8 Winter 2020 at International Cinema. The films include:

  • Ága (1:08), a film in the Siberian language Yakut directed by Milko Lazarov from 2018
  • Arctic (04:23)from 2018, a Robinsinade directed by Joe Penna about a man played by Mads Mikkelsen stranded and fighting for survival in the Arctic
  • The Gold Rush (08:06), Charlie Chaplin’s comedic masterpiece from 1925 that he re-released in 1942 (we will talk about that);
  • And our documentary this week, Genesis 2.0 (10:53), directed by Christian Frei and Maxim Arbugaev from 2018 about climate change, bringing back extinct species, and the ethics of cloning.

Week 2: Thinking across borders

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This week IC co-directors Chip Oscarson and Marc Yamada preview the films that will be playing 15-18 January at International Cinema including
Blinded by the Light (02:49) a Sundance hit from 2019 by British director Gurinder Chadha, also known for directing the hit Bend it like Beckham (2002); Tel Aviv on Fire (04:58) a comedy set against the backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict directed by Sameh Zoabi from 2018; Francis Ford Coppola’s incomparable The Godfather (08:23) from 1972; and documentary, The Cordillera of Dreams (11:15) by Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán from 2019. If you are interested in analyses of the film that played as part of our encore, kick-off week-end, go back to episodes recorded last fall. For a discussion of The Farewell, listen to fall 2019 episode 10. For a discussion of Mothers’ Instinct, listen to fall 2019 episode 5.

Fall 2019 Episode 8: The Eyes of Another

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This week Marc Yamada and Chip Oscarson (IC co-directors) discuss Kurosawa’s noir film High and Low as well as films that each in their own way invite the spectator to consider other perspectives. This episode includes and special discussion of Embrace of the Serpent with Prof. Rex Nielson (Spanish & Portuguese). Here are the time codes for the episode:

01:10 High and Low (Akira Kurosawa, Japanese, 1963)
07:56 The Other Story (Avi Nesher, Hebrew/Arabic, 2018)
11:22 Human Flow (Weiwei Ai, Eng./numerous lang., 2017)
14:41 Embrace of the Serpent (Ciro Guerra, Spanish/German/Various S. American langs., 2015)

29:53 Ash is Purest White (Zhangke Jia, Mandarin, 2018)
32:17 The Lunchbox (Ritesh Batra, Hindi/English, 2013)
35:07 Manta Ray (Phuttiphong Aroonpheng, Thai, 2018)
36:54 Gaza (Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell, Arabic, 2019)