Blinded by the Light

Week 2: Thinking across borders

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This week IC co-directors Chip Oscarson and Marc Yamada preview the films that will be playing 15-18 January at International Cinema including
Blinded by the Light (02:49) a Sundance hit from 2019 by British director Gurinder Chadha, also known for directing the hit Bend it like Beckham (2002); Tel Aviv on Fire (04:58) a comedy set against the backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict directed by Sameh Zoabi from 2018; Francis Ford Coppola’s incomparable The Godfather (08:23) from 1972; and documentary, The Cordillera of Dreams (11:15) by Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán from 2019. If you are interested in analyses of the film that played as part of our encore, kick-off week-end, go back to episodes recorded last fall. For a discussion of The Farewell, listen to fall 2019 episode 10. For a discussion of Mothers’ Instinct, listen to fall 2019 episode 5.