Minor in International Cinema Studies

The minor in International Cinema Studies is for students who love visual media and want to develop skills in critical analysis, writing, and interpretation along with knowledge about cinema theory, history, and diverse cultures. The ICS minor is a great addition to a major in the Humanities for a media-oriented student as it allows for a deeper focus on cinema, media studies, and international contexts than most majors are able to support. It is also a great addition for majors from outside the college of Humanities who need their cinema fix and something to help them round out their education with course work that will make them better communicators, writers, and thinkers.

The complete up-to-date list of requirements for the ICS minor can be found in the university catalog.

For additional questions including information about how to sign up for the minor, contact program coordinator, Prof. Doug Weatherford (douglas_weatherford@byu.edu).

Program Requirements

Note: Fren 317 & Ital 317 are equivalent, as are Germ 217 & Scand 217. Any of these four courses could be used in either Requirement 1 or Requirement 2.

Requirement 3 (Complete 3.0 hours from the following courses)

Complete three credit hours total of the following: (Note: The two registrations MUST BE COMPLETED DURING TWO SEPARATE SEMESTERS/TERMS.)
REQUIREMENT 4 Complete 1 course

Requirement 5 (Complete 1 course)

Any 400-level course on a cinematic topic offered by a department in the College of Humanities may be used to fulfill the above requirement. See the advisement center.

Requirement 6 (Complete 1 course)

Upcoming Classes in International Cinema Studies Include:


ICS 290R International Cinema (1.5 credits), Prof. Doug Weatherford. Description: Students view films showing at the International Cinema and discuss them in a seminar setting.

ICS 390/IHUM 390R Film and Media Theory (3 credits), Prof. Kerry Soper. Description: Studying historical and contemporary film and media theory and applying it to the analysis of film and other visual media.

ICS  491 International Cinema Capstone (1 credit, contact instructor for add code), Prof. Marc Yamada. Description: Final course taken by International Cinema Studies minors.

FREN/ITAL 317 French and Italian Cinema (3 credits), Prof. Daryl Lee. Description: Background for understanding and appreciating the best of motion picture art in France and Italy. Taught in English; no knowledge of French or Italian required.

GERM 440R/ICS 490R/GWS 390R The Gendered Camera: Women and World Cinema (3 credits), Prof. Rob McFarland. Description: Students will watch ca. 20 films that will inspire them to ask questions about the history of women’s film, cinematic representations of women, and the ways that the film camera creates a gendered reality. In the meantime, you will earn merit badges like “Scopophilia,” “No Means No,” and “Firing the Canon” and complete a “Sheagle Project” exploring your favorite films. Taught in English.

IHUM 490R/ICS 490R Comedy and Satire (3 credits), Prof. Kerry Soper. Description: Course examines the history of comedy and satire in American culture, with a heavy emphasis on understanding how they work in the mediums of film and television.

RUSS 343 Russian Cinema (3 credits, Prof. Raissa Solovyeva). Developing comprehension and speaking skills through Masterpieces of Russian Film. Taught in Russian.

SPAN 438 Hispanic Cinema (3 credits, Prof. Doug Weatherford). Introduction to the study of film from Spain and Spanish America. Prior experience with film studies is useful, but not required. Taught in Spanish.

SPAN 459R/ICS 490R Spanish American Ecological Thought in Literature and Film (3 credits, Prof. Mac Wilson). Description: Study of a variety of literary texts (poetry, short story, novel, mixed media) and films from Spanish American authors and directors who approach environmental problems in a way that conceptualizes them as ethical, ontological, biological, and/or spiritual dilemmas. Taught in Spanish.

See the university class schedule for more details.

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