International Cinema changes the way you look at the world. You see more color, experience new truth, and see with different eyes.

Ellana CocaFood Science Major 2020

International Cinema is the gateway to the world--we’re able to experience and feel the emotions, culture, and lives of others and perhaps change our perspective because of it.

Elise RobertsArt History 2021

Good cinema moves you. I participate in International Cinema to force myself to change.

Meghan AndersonEuropean Studies 2020

International Cinema has been an integral part of my college experience in allowing me to participate in world wide artistic culture.

Abigail PinegarInterdisciplinary Humanities 2018

International Cinema Memories


As part of the celebration of International Cinema’s 50 years at BYU, we are collecting memories of your experience at IC. Write to us about an experience at IC when you learned a new word, began/ended a relationship, or learned something about yourself. What was the most memorable scene from an IC film? Tell us what IC means to you!