Fall 2020 Semester

Parasite (Korean)

Victoria (English, German)

Long Day’s Journey into Night (Mandarin)

Light Year (Swedish)

Adam (Arabic)

Buoyancy (Khmer, Thai)

Fig Tree (Amharic, Hebrew)

Hiroshima Mon Amour (French, Japanese)

Accountant of Auschwitz (English, German)

16 Bars (English)

The Painter and The Thief (English, Norwegian)

The Vanishing (Dutch, French)

Lucky Grandma (English, Mandarin, Cantonese)

The Milk of Sorrow (Spanish, Quechua)

Our Mothers (Spanish)

I Am Not Your Negro (English)

Becoming Astrid (Swedish/Danish)

Santiago, Italia (Spanish, Italian)

The Second Mother (Portuguese)

The Eye (Cantonese, Thai, Mandarin)

Beyond the Visible: Hilma af Klint (German, Swedish)

Capital in the 21st Century (English, French)

Iphigenia (Greek)

The Cave (Arabic)

Papicha (French, Arabic)

Zana (Albanian)

Approved for Adoption (Korean, French)

The Eternal Feminine (Spanish)

Russian Ark (Russian)

No Date No Signature (Persian)

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September 25, 2020 in Covid-19, Fall 2020

How to Watch Hiroshima Mon Amour

During this semester of streaming, there will be a few films that will not be directly accessible through Hummedia. Instead, what we will do is email a link to those…
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Coming Soon to Hummedia!


Fall 2020 Virtual Lectures

  • Scott Sanders: Insights into Human Trafficking in the Thai Fishing Industry  —  Read More or Watch
  • Michalyn Steele: Criminal Justice, Redemption, and 16 Bars —  Read More or Watch
  • Daryl Lee: Caught Up In Crime —  Read More or Watch
  • Doug Weatherford – Populating the Margins: Hope and Healing in The Milk of Sorrow —  Read More or Watch
  • Rex Nielson : Architecture is an Instrument of Social Change —  Read More or Watch
  • Roger Macfarlane : Make America Greek Again —  Read More or Watch

Fall 2020 Podcasts

Fall 2020

Week 12: Artists & Writers

IC co-directors Marc Yamada and Doug Weatherford discuss The Eternal Feminine (2017, dir. Natalia Beristáin),…
Fall 2020
Week 11: Voice and Suffrage
Fall 2020
Week 10: The Rise and Fall of Democracy
Fall 2020
Week 9: International Horror
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