Fall 2019 Episode 13: Global Cinema

The week before Thanksgiving was an eclectic and diverse feast at International Cinema with films from Africa, America, the Middle East and Scandinavia. We discuss the commonalities and differences:

Discussion of Past Films:
05:02 Supa Modo (Likarion Walnalna, Kikuyu/Swahili/English, 2018)
27:16 Capernaum (Nadine Labaki, Arabic/Amharic, 2018)
30:35 The Bridge (Charlotte Sieling, Swedish/Danish, 2011)
23:53 Free Solo (Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, English, 2018)

24:55 The Orphanage (J.A. Bayona, Spanish, 2007)
26:58 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Mamoru Hosoda, Japanese, 2006)
29:30 Enter the Dragon (Robert Clouse, English/Cantonese, 1972) and I Am Bruce Lee (Pete McKormack, English, 2012)