Fall 2019 Episode 10: Dealing with Death (and Dying)

It was Halloween week at IC, and on this week’s podcast, Marie-Laure Oscarson and Chip Oscarson discuss with Marc Yamada and Doug Weatherford the films from 30 October-2 November 2019 and then preview the films for 6 November-9 November.

00:57 The Farewell (Lulu Wang, Mandarin/English, 2019)
06:10 A Tale of Two Sisters (Kee-woon Kim, Korean, 2003) with Marc Yamada (IC co-director)
10:47 Meeting Gorbachev (Werner Herzog & André Singer, German/Russian, Polish, English, 2018)
14:12 Macario (Roberto Gavaldón, Spanish, 1960) with Doug Weatherford (Spanish and Portuguese)

27:58 Introducing the films about the Berlin Wall
29:49 Balloon (Michael Herbig, German, 2018)
31:05 Wings of Desire (Wim Wenders, German, 1987)
34:31 Good Bye Lenin! (Wolfgang Becker, German, 2003)
37:41 Midnight Traveler (Hassan Fazili, Dari, 2019)