Episode 12. Is this Reality or is it a Dream? Opera on Film

This week we talk about the films from Opera week at International Cinema: (02:19) the 1989 staging of the modernist Strauss/Hofmannsthal’s Elektra at the Vienna State Opera House; (07:33) Farewell my Concubine the Mandarin language epic by Chen Kaige set in the world of Peking opera; and (15:37) the incomparable The Magic Flute (1975) that highlight’s Ingmar Bergman’s skills as a theater and film director as he puts Mozart on the big screen. We also talk about the inspiring story of a forgotten American hero Wilma Mankiller (22:52), the first female principle chief for the Cherokee Nation as told in the 2017 documentary Mankiller. Next preview next week’s films–the last week of films for the Winter 2019 semester–including:(28:12) Giant (Jon GaraƱo/Aitor Arregi, Spanish/Basque 2017), (29:18) Bad Genius (Nattawut Poonpiriya, Thai 2017), (30:48) A Match Made by God (Aditya Chopra, Hindi 2008), and (32:41) the documentary about poets in Myanmar, Burma Storybook (Petr Lom, Burmese 2017).