Fall 2019, Episode 3: Confronting Crazy Rich (or Poor?) Consumer Cultures and Stereotypes

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This week Chip Oscarson and Marc Yamada discuss the raucous reception of Crazy Rich Asians¬†at IC and contrast it with Koreeda’s Shoplifters. They also explore how Double Indemnity is a quintessential noir and ground breaking Hollywood film. They also preview the films for the coming week.

0:00 Introductions

3:09 Discussion of Crazy Rich Asians

5:23 Discussion of Shoplifters

10:51 Discussion of film noir and Double Indemnity

18:38 Apollo 11 and direct documentary

20:27 Coming Attractions

21:10 Preview of Icebox

23:43 Preview of M

26:22 Preview of Columbus

28:33 Preview of Bauhaus Spirit: 100 years of Bauhaus