Steven Riep – Depictions of Autism in The Reason I Jump

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Dr. Riep, who studies representations of disability in literature and visual arts, discusses common misconceptions about people with autism and how many of those erroneous ideas are turned into on-screen stereotypes. He then, with praise, points to how The Reason I Jump (2020) fights against those stereotypes and tries to provide audiences with an experiential, empathy-building opportunity.

Douglas J. Weatherford – The Poetry of César Vallejo in Roy Andersson’s Songs from the Second Floor

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IC co-director Douglas J. Weatherford examines the presence of Peruvian poet César Vallejo in Roy Andersson’s critically acclaimed film, Songs from the Second Floor (2000, Sweden). Weatherford suggests that Vallejo’s anguished poetry can be felt throughout this experimental film and that both filmmaker and poet create an “Hagiography of the Ordinary,” or a celebration of everyday people overwhelmed by the absurd nature of everyday life.

Kirk Larsen – How to Make Sense of North Korea: An Introduction to the film Assassins

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North Korea has continually baffled Americans for the duration of its existence. To help form a clearer understanding of the so-called “hermit kingdom,” Dr. Kirk Larsen gives a succinct overview of some of the myths we hear and offers a more complete picture of North Korea. After addressing these myths, viewers of Assassins (2020) can better form their own opinions based on the film’s evidence.

Daryl Lee – The Battle of Algiers: Art and Politics in Third World Cinema

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Dr. Daryl Lee outlines the history of French colonization and the aesthetics of orientalism that built to the war of independence recreated in The Battle of Algiers. This innovative film used a documentary style to depict recent events, even casting actual participants as themselves, and presents a visceral engagement with the goals and methods of both parties.