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Streaming How-to

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The International Cinema (IC) program is back with a lineup of great films for Winter 2021!

While we are all grounded, for the time being, we can still travel the world this year by viewing some of the best in international film!  Each week this semester, IC will offer several feature films and documentaries online through our Hummedia collection.
Our collection on Hummedia will be available to current faculty, students, and staff with a BYU Net ID. Each user will need to sign up individually to gain access to this collection. After signing up via the form below, users will have access to films during the week they would normally be screened.

The following information is important to note regarding this new aspect of the International Cinema program:

  • Streaming will only be available to current BYU students and faculty using their BYU login info
  • In order to access the films on Hummedia, we have to add you to our list. This can be done by following this link and filling out the formIC Streaming Sign-up
  • After signing up, go to, log in with your BYU credential, and stream to your heart’s content
  • Films will only be available for the week shown on the schedule, and then they will be replaced by the next week’s films

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

Thank you for your continued support and participation!
BYU International Cinema

Week 13: Fall 2020 Semester Wrap Up

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IC co-directors Marc Yamada and Doug Weatherford as well as IC assistant director Marie-Laure Oscarson discuss the Fall 2020 semester, it’s challenges, it’s films, and the upcoming semester.

Show Notes:

0:39 Fall 2020 challenges
4:43 Semester highlights
18:08 Upcoming films we are excited for

Week 12: Artists & Writers

By | Fall 2020, News, Podcast

IC co-directors Marc Yamada and Doug Weatherford discuss The Eternal Feminine (2017, dir. Natalia Beristáin), a fictionalized biopic of Rosario Castellanos, one of Mexico’s most significant writers and one of its first feminists.

Show Notes:

Week 11: Voice and Suffrage

By | Fall 2020, News, Podcast

This week, IC Directors Marie-Laure Oscarson and Doug Weatherford are joined by Professor Valerie Hegstrom (Spanish & Portuguese) to discuss this week’s films, which focus on the experiences of different women during times of war.

Show Notes:

Other films discussed:

Week 10: The Rise and Fall of Democracy

By | Fall 2020, News, Podcast

This week, former IC Director Chip Oscarson is joined by Professors Quinn Mecham (Political Science) and Seth Jeppesen (Classics) to discuss this week’s films Capital in the Twenty-First Century and Iphigenia.
In this episode they talk about the intersection of democracy and art. What do ancient dramatist and contemporary filmmakers understand about art and maintaining a healthy democracy?

Show Notes:

2:10 Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Roger Macfarlane : Make America Greek Again

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Professor of Classics, Dr. Roger Macfarlane speaks about Michael Cacoyannis’s classic adaptation, Iphegenia (1977). While breaking down each character in the play, Dr. Macfarlane suggests keeping an eye on the visual framing devices used for certain characters and how the film uses these frames to present its own interpretation of Euripides’ tragedy. It is this interpretation that also helps make sense of why Cacoyannis would choose to shoot this play in 1977 Greece.

Week 9: International Horror

By | Fall 2020, News, Podcast

This week, Prof. Marc Olivier (French and Italian) speaks with IC co-directors Doug Weatherford and Marc Yamada about The Eye (2002, dir. Pang Brothers). Additionally, the trio discuss horror as a genre and offer viewing recommendations for other great horror films from around the world.

Show Notes:

00:49 The Eye
25:41 International Horror Recommendations