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Scott Sanders: Insights into Human Trafficking in the Thai Fishing Industry

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Dr. Scott Sanders speaks about human trafficking in the Thai fishing industry, the very setting of Buoyancy (2019). The film is based on the true story of a fourteen year old Cambodian boy who is brought to work as a slave on a Thai fishing vessel. Sanders breaks down how and why people both traffic and are trafficked as well as what we can do to help stop these practices.

Do you want to catch up on missed IC events and lectures?

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Every week we have a lecture at IC that provides context for one (or more) of the films that will be showing that week. Jensyn Eubank, writer for the college communications office, has been writing about them. Here are some of her articles:

50th Celebration Encore Weekend:

50th Gala:

Poverty Inc. Lecture:

What Will People Say Lecture:

New IC Podcast

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Get ready for this week’s films by listening to the most recent episode of our brand new podcast. Every week you can hear from IC directors and guests about the upcoming film, what to watch for, and what to get excited about.

IC Podcast

IC is going to Paris fall 2019

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In fall 2019, IC co-director Chip Oscarson and IC programmer Marie-Laure Oscarson will be leading a semester-long study abroad program to Paris–the birth place of cinema. The focus of the program will be on the media history and the cinema cultures of Europe. As part of the program students will participate in film festivals, visit the varied cinematic venues around the city, visit museums, do archival research about film history, and come to understand better the visual cultures that produced cinema in the late 1800s. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed. Classes can be applied to fulfill GE requirements or to meet program requirements in both the ICS minor as well as the Media Arts track IHUM major. No prior knowledge of French is required. For questions about the program see contact Prof. Oscarson (

New Co-Director for IC

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At the beginning of this winter 2019 semester, IC is welcoming a new co-director in Prof. Marc Yamada (Comparative Arts & Letters). Prof. Yamada will replace IC Interim co-director Greg Stallings who has been invaluable in filling in at IC since the departure Prof. Daryl Lee in summer 2018 after he was named chair of the Department of French and Italian. We thank Prof. Stallings for his dedicated and energetic service over the past semester. His previous experience as IC co-director (2008-2011) allowed him to hit the ground running and he was an important part of planning all of the 50thanniversary celebrations as well as putting together the fall and winter schedules. His dedication, insights, and understated wit will be missed—although his office number is still on speed dial.

While sad to see Prof. Stallings leave the IC directorship, we enthusiastically welcome Prof. Yamada who is no stranger to us. Prof. Yamada regularly teaches media studies courses including courses on Japanese cinema and animé in the Interdisciplinary Humanities program and he is a regular lecturer at IC. During the fall semester, he was already generously assisting with the curatorship of the winter schedule. We look forward to the perspective and knowledge that he will bring to the program.

IC Lectures Winter 2019

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Watch this space for the announcement of upcoming lectures and events for winter 2019. Every Wednesday at 5pm in 250 KMBL International Cinema hosts a 30 minute lecture from a professor who provides context to one or more of the films playing at IC that week. These lectures are a real highlight of the program and are not to be missed. The first lecture for winter 2019 will be 16 Jan by Prof. Rob Colson (Comparative Art & Letters) on the film Lion. More information about the coming semester will be posted soon.

International Cinema Class Winter 2019

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Did you know that you could get credit for watching the International Cinema films that you love? ICS (International Cinema Studies) 290r is the class for you. It is a chance to find out more about the films at IC this semester, talk about your favorite moments in the films with fellow cinephiles, and hear from experts. The class meets from 4.00-5.30 every Wednesday included the weekly IC lecture. It is a great way to take your IC love to the next level. Offered every fall and winter semester. You can take it as many times as you would like.

Ingmar Bergman and the Hopeless Dream of Being

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On Wednesday 14 Nov. Prof. Chip Oscarson (Scandinavian and Interdisciplinary Humanities) will present a lecture on the films of legendary Swedish director Ingmar Bergman entitled “Ingmar Bergman and the Hopeless Dream of Being.” The lecture will be immediately followed by Bergman’s classic, high modernist film Persona (1966).