Week 5 Review: Jinpa, War and Peace, Still Life, and Of Fathers and Sons

By February 14, 2020 No Comments

In this episode host Chip Oscarson welcomes special guests to talk about the films that were screened between 5-8 February at International Cinema.

  • With Jojo Hegström-Pratt (student from Theater and Media Arts) he discusses Jinpa (1:09), a Tibetan film directed by Pema Tseden from 2018;
  • and the second installment of War & Peace: Natasha Rostova (7:55) from 1966, directed by Sergei Bondarchuk;
  • then with Steve Riep (Chinese) he talks about Still Life (15:42), a 2006 feature in Mandarin by Jia Zhangke set against the backdrop of the construction of the Three Gorges dam in China;
  • and finally together with podcast regular Marie-Laure Oscarson (IC Assistant Director) they discuss this week’s documentary, Of Fathers and Sons (30:21), an intimate look at life in a jihadist family in Syria, in Arabic and directed by Talal Derki from 2017.