Coming Soon to International Cinema

Wed Oct 23

5:00pm Lecture:Steve Riep
5:30pm Ash is Purest White*
8:15pm The Lunchbox

Thur Oct 24

5:00pm Gaza
6:50pm Manta Ray

Fri Oct 25

3:00pm Manta Ray
5:05pm The Lunchbox
7:10pm Ash is Purest White*
9:45pm Manta Ray

Sat Oct 26

11:00am The Lunchbox
1:05pm Ash is Purest White*
3:45pm Gaza
5:30pm Manta Ray
7:35pm The Lunchbox
9:50 Ash is Purest White*

Wed Oct 30

5:00pm Meeting Gorbachev
6:35pm Post-screening discussion with Astrid Tuminez
7:30pm The Farewell

Thur Oct 31

4:30pm Lecture: Doug Weatherford
5:00pm Macario
7:00pm A Tale of Two Sisters

Fri Nov 1

3:00pm Macario
4:55pm The Farewell
6:55pm Meeting Gorbachev
9:00pm A Tale of Two Sisters

Sat Nov 2

10:00am The Farewell
12:00pm Macario
1:50pm A Tale of Two Sisters
4:15pm Meeting Gorbachev
6:05pm The Farewell
8:05pm Macario
9:55pm A Tale of Two Sisters

*Contains Customized Content

Fall 2019 Semester poster
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