Coming Soon to International Cinema

October 24-27, 2018

Wednesday, October 24
5:00pm Lecture: Julie Allen
5:30pm What Will People Say
8:00pm Angels Wear White

Thursday, October 25
5:00pm Jane
7:00pm What Will People Say

Friday, October 26
3:00pm Disappearance
5:00pm What Will People Say
7:30pm Angels Wear White
10:00pm Disappearance

Saturday, October 27
11:00am Angels Wear White
1:30pm Disappearance
3:30pm Jane
5:30pm What Will People Say
8:00pm Disappearance
10:00pm Angels Wear White

October 31- November 3, 2018

Wednesday, October 31
5:00pm Lecture: Dennis Cutchins
5:30pm Bride of Frankenstein
7:30pm Frankenstein Conquers the World

Thursday, November 1
5:00pm Anote’s Ark
7:00pm Spirit of the Beehive

Friday, November 2
3:00pm Bride of Frankenstein (16 mm)
5:00pm Spirit of the Beehive
7:15pm Frankenstein Conquers the World
9:15pm Bride of Frankenstein

Saturday, November 3
11:00am Frankenstein Conquers the World
1:00pm Spirit of the Beehive
3:15pm Anote’s Ark
5:15pm Bride of Frankenstein
7:15pm Spirit of the Beehive
9:30pm Frankenstein Conquers the World

What Will People SayIram Haq(2017)Norwegian, Urdu 107 mins
DisappearanceAli Asgari(2017)Persian 89 mins
Angels Wear WhiteVivian Qu(2017)Mandarin 107 mins
JaneBrett Morgen(2017)English 90 mins
Bride of FrankensteinJames Whale(1935)English 75 mins
Frankenstein Conquers the WorldIshirô Honda(1965)Japanese 94 mins
Anote's ArkMatthieu Rytz(2018)English, Kiribati 77 mins
The Spirit of the BeehiveVíctor Erice(1973)Spanish 99 mins

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