Coming Soon to International Cinema

MARCH 27-30

Wednesday, March 27
5:00pm Lecture with Francesca R. Sborgi Lawson (Ethnomusicology, Comparative Arts & Letters)
5:30pm Farewell My Concubine 
8:15pm Mankiller 

Thursday, March 28
3:00pm Elektra
5:00pm Post-screening discussion with Roger McFarlane
6:00pm Lecture with Alan Keele
6:30pm The Magic Flute
9:15pm Farewell My Concubine 

Friday, March 29
3:00pm Farewell My Concubine
6:15pm The Magic Flute
9:00pm Elektra 

Saturday, March 30
11:00am The Magic Flute
1:45pm Elektra 
4:00pm Mankiller 
6:00pm Farewell My Concubine
9:15pm The Magic Flute


Wednesday, April 3
5:00pm Lecture with Marc Yamada (Comparative Arts & Letters)
5:30pm Mirai 
7:30pm Azur & Asmar 

Thursday, April 4
3:00pm Invisible Hands 
5:00pm Post-screening discussion with Ben Gibbs
5:45pm Mirai
7:45pm Azur & Asmar 

Friday, April 5
3:00pm Mirai 
5:00pm Invisible Hands 
7:15pm Azur & Asmar
9:30pm Mirai 

Saturday, April 6
LDS General Conference. No showings.

Winter 2019 Semester poster
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