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26. Dr Strangelove

English / 1964 / 103 min. / Stanley Kubrick

After a mentally unstable general gives the go code to attack the Soviet Union with nuclear bombs, the American president and his war room of politicians and generals work frantically to avoid nuclear holocaust in this timeless comedy.  


25. Yella

German / 2007 / 89 min. / Christian Petzold

A woman finds a new life in West Germany after having narrowly escaped her abusive husband in former East Germany, but finds her new life haunted by buried truths that threaten to ruin her newfound happiness with a new lover and situation.


24. Only When I Dance

Portuguese / 2009 / 78 min. / Beadie Finzi

This documentary follows two young ballet dancers who work to escape the favelas in Rio de Janeiro through a competition that can place them in an international ballet company.



German / 2015 / 44 min. /

In this coming of age spy thriller with a killer 80s soundtrack, Martin Rauch, 24-year-old native of East Germany is sent undercover as Moritz Stam into the West German Army to glean information on NATO military strategy.

Ep. 3 “Atlantic Lion”