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Spanish / 2016 / 100 min. / Pedro Almodóvar

After a chance encounter reveals her long-lost daughter’s location, a mother must confront her life and reflect on the important circumstances that led to her daughter’s disappearance.



Mandarin / 2004 / 143 min. / Jia Zhangke

Exploring the impacts of globalization and modernization on traditional Chinese culture, The World takes place at the Beijing World Park and focuses on the relationship between a performer and a security guard.



Russian, Kalmyk-Oirat / 2015 / 87 min. / Ella Manzheeva

In a seaside town in Kalmykia, an unhappy fisherman’s wife named Elza hesitates to change her situation. But when Fate intervenes and her husband dies, Elza must reconsider her views on life.  


38. Dekalog

Polish / 1989 / 55 min. / Krzysztof Kieślowski

These ten short films focus on the residents of a housing complex in late-Communist Poland whose lives become increasingly entwined. This exploration of Judeo-Christian ethics won’t let you ever think of the ten commandments in the same way again.