Winter 2017

09. Sweet Bean

Japanese / 2015 / 113 min. / Naomi Kawase

The manager of a dorayaki stall finds himself confronted with an eccentric elderly woman looking for work. A taste of her homemade bean jelly convinces him to hire her, which starts a relationship that is about much more than just street food.


27. The Innocents

French, Polish / 2016 / 115 min. / Anne Fontaine

In 1945 Poland, a young French Red Cross doctor who is sent to assist the survivors of the German camps discovers several nuns in advanced states of pregnancy during a visit to a nearby convent. Based on a true story.



right now wrong then

Korean / 2015 / 121 min. / Hong Sang-soo

A film director meets a fledgling artist and she invites him over to look at her paintings and have sushi and soju. Later, when they meet up with a group of friends and secrets are revealed, things take a surprising turn.





Italian, French / 2015 / 107 min. / Nanni Moretti

Margherita, a film director, goes through a mid-life existential crisis while she struggles with difficult relations on set, trying family relationships, and the inevitability of her mother’s nearing death.




Spanish / 2015 / 97 min. / César Augusto Acevedo

In the midst of illness, death, and poverty on a sugarcane plantation in Colombia, a man returns to the family that he left many years before, and gets acquainted with his young grandson while working to help his family out of the hardships they’ve endured for years without him.




Italisn / 2011 / 50 min. / FRED KUWORNU

Italian law denies citizenship to young people born in Italy to immigrant parents. This documentary examines the injustice faced by 18 girls and boys born in Italy to parents from Africa, Asia, and South America.


07. Heima

English, Icelandic / 2007 / 97 min. / Dean DeBlois

Following their world tour, Icelandic band Sigur Rós returns to their homeland to play a series of free, unannounced concerts featuring reflections from the band members and breathtaking photography of Iceland.



06. The Killing

English / 1956 / 85 min. / Stanley Kubrick

Johnny Clay, recently out of prison, puts together a  group of crooks for a risky racetrack heist, but tensions build when a bank teller’s wife gets involved and complicates the scheme in this classic first feature by legendary Stanley Kubrick.



08. Theeb

Arabic / 2014 / 100 min. / Naji Abu Nowar

In this thrilling coming-of-age story during WWI, a young Bedouin boy must embark on a brutal desert journey to help a British officer towards a secret destination.


09. Three Colors BLUE

French / 1993 / 100 min. / Krzysztof Kieślowski

After losing her famous composer husband and child in a freak accident, a woman struggles through the stages of grief by leaving everything behind and entering a life of solitude in Paris. But things and people from her old life slowly move back into her new life.

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10. El Aura

Spanish / 2005 / 138 min. / Fabián Bielinsky

An epileptic taxidermist dreams of committing the perfect crime. After he accidentally kills a criminal on a hunting trip en route to a robbery, the man works to finish the crime despite his lack of experience and illness.



11. Bob Dylan Don't Look Now

English / 1967 / 96 min. / D.A. Pennebaker

During Bob Dylan’s tour of England in Spring of 1965, D.A. Pennebaker’s camera follows the artist from concert appearances to hotel conversations, chronicling the end of his relationship with Joan Baez and his creative shift from folk to rock music.



12. Three Colors WHITE

French, Polish / 1994 / 92 min. / Krzysztof Kieślowski

A Polish hairdresser in France loses everything after he marries and is divorced by a beautiful French woman. In Poland, he makes a new life and acquires a large fortune all the while never forgetting what his ex-wife did and plots his revenge.



13. Nausicaa

Japanese / 1984 / 118 min. / Hayao Miyazaki

In the far future, following an apocalyptic conflict that devastated the world’s ecosystem, a princess works to bring peace to warring tribes, but also to an earth ravaged  by pollution in this debut feature by Hayao Miyazaki.

Presented on 35mm film.


14. Mirror

Russian / 1975 / 108 min. / Andrei Tarkovsky

A middle-aged man who is dying conjures up memories of his childhood through his commonplace interactions with his wife and children in this nonlinear semi-autobiographical meditation on the nature of national memory, war, and time.




French / 1994 / 129 min. / Krzysztof Kieślowski

Valentine meets a retired judge in her neighborhood when she runs over his dog. He tries to give her the dog, but her boyfriend won’t allow it. When she goes to return it to the judge, they develop a bond after she learns one of his secrets.




English / 2012 / 93 min. / Benh Zeitlin

In a forgotten, impoverished bayou community, a resilient six-year-old girl named Hushpuppy must deal with her hot-tempered father’s fading health as well as the melting icecaps that threaten to destroy her home.




Arabic / 2016 / 88 min. / Mahmoud Sabbagh

Two people from different backgrounds meet in this modern romantic comedy from Saudi Arabia that humorously takes on social and political issues within the Kingdom through the point of view of a millennial couple’s bittersweet and charming romance.




English / 1991 / 113 min. / Julie Dash

At the turn of the century, a family of women in a community made up of former West African slaves living on the coast of South Carolina experience a generational split when young Haargar wants to move away and Yellow Mary returns with her lover.




Norwegian / 2011 / 95 min. / Joachim Trier

A day in the life of Anders, a recovering drug addict, who is allowed to leave the rehab clinic for the day in order to interview for a job, but ends up confronting his past when he wanders the city and catches up with old friends.




Hindi/Urdu / 2004 / 113 min. / Vishal Bhardwaj

An adaptation of Macbeth in contemporary Bombay, Abbaji is the aging leader of a criminal gang, and Maqbool is his right hand man that is in love with his mistress Nimmi. Together they scheme to kill Abbaji and have Maqbool take his place.




No dialogue / 1992 / 96 min. / Ron Fricke

From natural landscapes to rapid urban life, from religious chants to concentration camps and mass graves, Baraka presents breathtaking footage of people and places from all around the world, ultimately showing the interconnectedness of tragedy and wonder on Earth.


22. Emperor & The Assassin

Mandarin / 1998 / 163 min. / Chen Kaige

In pre-unified China, Ying Zheng, the heir to the throne who plots to conquer the six other kingdoms, sends his concubine as a spy to a rival kingdom in order to enlist an assassin for a political plot.  However, her loyalty falters with his growing cruelty.


41. Deutschland 83

German / 2015 / 48 min. /

In this coming of age spy thriller with a killer 80s soundtrack, Martin Rauch, 24-year-old native of East Germany is sent undercover as Moritz Stam into the West German Army to glean information on NATO military strategy.  

Season one


26. Dr Strangelove

English / 1964 / 103 min. / Stanley Kubrick

After a mentally unstable general gives the go code to attack the Soviet Union with nuclear bombs, the American president and his war room of politicians and generals work frantically to avoid nuclear holocaust in this timeless comedy.  


25. Yella

German / 2007 / 89 min. / Christian Petzold

A woman finds a new life in West Germany after having narrowly escaped her abusive husband in former East Germany, but finds her new life haunted by buried truths that threaten to ruin her newfound happiness with a new lover and situation.


24. Only When I Dance

Portuguese / 2009 / 78 min. / Beadie Finzi

This documentary follows two young ballet dancers who work to escape the favelas in Rio de Janeiro through a competition that can place them in an international ballet company.


Slovak / 2016 / 102 min. / Jan Hřebejk

In 1983 Bratislava, a corrupt schoolteacher takes advantage of her students by taking favors from their parents. After a tragedy happens, the school and parents band together to kick her out despite feeling threatened by her connections within the Communist Party.


28. Manakamana

Nepali/English / 2013 / 120 min. / Stephanie Spray & Pacho Velez

In this experimental documentary, a cable car system ferries locals to the temple of sacred Hindu goddess Manakamana. Without leaving the cable car itself, the camera manages to capture a revealing portrait of its locale and the people in it.


29. Gett

Hebrew, French, Arabic / 2014 / 116 min. / Ronit & Schlomi Elkabetz

A middle-aged woman has been trying to get a divorce from her domineering husband for three years to continued failure, but he won’t consent and religiously orthodox panel of judges insist on a high standard of proof.


30. The Pearl Button vert

Spanish / 2015 / 82 min. / Patricio Guzmán

Focusing on Patagonian waterways, this lyrical meditation on water and its effect on humankind also examines its link to genocide, evoking the recent horrors of the Pinochet regime.


32. They Will Have to Kill Us First

French, Songhay, English, Bambara, Tamashek / 2015 / 105 min. / Johanna Schwartz

With a specially commissioned soundtrack from some of Mali’s most exciting artists, this documentary tells the story of Mali’s first public concert in Timbuktu since the ban of music since 2012 by extremist jihadists.


33. Spartacus SaulBass

English / 1960 / 198 min. / Stanley Kubrick

Kirk Douglas heads a star-studded cast in this swords-and-sandals Hollywood epic inspired by the life story of the leader of a slave revolt during antiquity against the tyrannical Roman Empire.


36. stopmakingsense

English / 1984 / 100 min. / Jonathan Demme

You won’t want to miss a beat in this experimental documentary that explores form and live performance at a Talking Heads concert shot over the course of three nights, and showcases the band’s unforgettably energetic performance.


35. Highway to Dhampus

English, Nepali / 2015 / 100 min. / Rick McFarland

The lives of an orphanage headmistress, a British socialite and her bush pilot chaperone are all changed in surprising ways and for the better when the socialite visits an orphanage in Nepal in order to fix her troubled image.   


37. Frantz (German)

French, German / 2016 / 113 min. / François Ozon

In a small German town following WWI, a woman mourns the death of her fiancé and forms a bond with a mysterious Frenchman whom she meets when he comes to lay flowers on her former fiancé’s grave.


34. Ixcanul

Kaqchikel / 2015 / 100 min. / Jayro Bustamante

Living in relative isolation from the modern world at the bottom of an active volcano on a coffee plantation in Guatemala, a 17-year old girl must choose between an arranged marriage or run away with another boy headed for America.


38. The Wonders

Italian, German / 2014 / 111 min. / Alice Rohrwacher

The life of twelve year old Gelsomina who works with her family of beekeepers in the Tuscan countryside is made complicated when she gets the opportunity to appear on a reality TV show against the wishes of her father.


240x326 dancerDEF

English / 2000 / 141 min. / Lars von Trier

A young mother from Central Europe in 1964 America works in order to save her son from the same disease that will eventually make her blind. Things get worse when a neighbor accuses her of a crime, and through it all, her love of musicals makes life more bearable.


39. After the Storm 2

Japanese / 2016 / 117 min. / Hirokazu Koreeda

A private detective who can barely pay his child support works to reconnect with his initially distrusting family following his father’s death, and tries to establish a meaningful relationship with his son.